Our Mission is to nurture awareness and healing of the total being.

7Seeds Yoga is a peer-run organization that delivers professional yoga and meditation instruction at all levels of care. We offer trauma informed programming and provide community education about trauma and substance use disorders.

Trauma and Substance Use Disorders: A Public Health Crisis

The prevalence and impact of trauma and substance use disorders on our children, families and communities is profound and the cost to our society incalculable. The additional medical, psychological and financial costs associated with these illnesses affect our communities directly and indirectly. Trauma and substance use disorders are destroying families and taking lives.

7Seeds Yoga – A Response to the Crisis

7Seeds Yoga is a federally recognized 501(c) (3) nonprofit that engages with and educates our community about the complex relations between trauma, addiction and body/mind; we use the healing powers of yoga and meditation to empower our clients to transform their own lives. 7Seeds Yoga is a thoughtful collaboration of mental health providers, clinicians, yoga instructors, social workers, recovering persons and addictions professionals who bring compassionate support to individuals, families and communities suffering from the effects of trauma and substance use disorders.