7Seeds Yoga Delivers Professional Yoga and Meditation Instruction

7Seeds Yoga is especially qualified to deliver safe, professional, strength-based, trauma informed and psycho-educational yoga instruction to individuals and groups within the treatment milieu and beyond because:

7Seeds Yoga Offers Trauma-Informed Programming

7Seeds compassionate & holistic approach was developed to engage, educate & empower the physical, mental & spiritual aspects of our clients. 7Seeds embeds psycho-education and the strength-based recovery principles of safety, surrender, wholeness, compassion, expression, awareness & connection as the basis for the framework of our programming structure. 7Seeds Yoga offers a 12-week cycle of programming, or can tailor programming specific to the needs of the healthcare provider.

7Seeds Yoga's unique programming model uses yoga and meditation to create a sense of safety and engage clients in their own healing process. 7Seeds Yoga combines western scientific and eastern wisdom traditions to educate clients on strength-based recovery principles. 7Seeds Yoga empowers our clients to reconnect with their spirit, body and mind while developing healthy coping mechanisms.

7Seeds Yoga offers trauma informed programming that embeds clinical and psycho-educational components within the yoga and meditation instruction. Our Clinical and Yoga Teams also work closely throughout our trauma-informed programming to deliver safe and integrated care within the treatment milieu.

7Seeds Yoga reviews have been very positive. Consumers in treatment report a reduction in PTSD symptoms, increased awareness and ability to tolerate emotion, while healthcare staff report a "positive visible shift in clients' behavior" and "clearer cognitive functioning" from the clients who have completed 7Seeds Yoga programming.

7Seeds Yoga Educates Communities About Trauma and Substance Use Disorders

7Seeds Yoga Clinicians and Yoga Instructors offer engaging, informative and dynamic presentations to diverse audiences including treatment providers, clinical staff, government agencies and community groups. Our educational programming is designed to be interactive, thoughtful and fun. 7Seeds Yoga is profoundly aware of the impacts of secondary trauma on behavioral healthcare staff and understands the importance of self-care. 7Seeds Yoga is currently developing staff care curriculum for county agencies and local substance abuse initiatives.

7Seeds Yoga has presented our unique instruction at Rutgers Summer School of Addiction Studies in 2015, and exhibited at New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN) conference, New Jersey's largest addictions conference in April 2016. As a result of great interest and positive reviews, 7Seeds Yoga will be returning to Rutgers Summer School of Addiction Studies in July 2016. In addition to providing our unique instruction throughout the week our Executive Director will be lecturing on the use of Yoga in Treatment Planning at the conference. Come see us there!