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Recovery & Treatment Support Services

Clients cultivate an internal sense of safety and connection while planting and tending the 7Seeds garden of strength based on recovery principals.

All 7Seeds Yoga programming packages include 75 minutes weekly of trauma-informed yoga or meditation instruction, psycho-education, peer support, companion workbooks, yoga mats, blocks and straps. Facilities or agencies may choose from the following:

Facilities or agencies may also select from the options listed below for an additional cost:


"Thank you so much. What you've given me has helped me build strength and hope..."

"...7Seeds really helped me understand I have worth and value in this world"

"...I never knew yoga would be something that I could find beneficial to my recovery and my live..."

"...7Seeds provided me with the sense of strength and confidence to do better for myself"

Profesional Training

Professionals and agency staff receive dynamic and practical strategies to implement innovative solutions for effective agency programming.

7Seeds Yoga offers locals and national conference programming or staff/agency trainings in a variety of settings and may choose from the following:

Options include but are not limited to:


" presentation of the week"

"Rutgers Summers School of Addiction Studies had enjoyed having 7Seeds...their instructions are both centered and dynamic, they create a positively charged space..."

"speaker is pasionate and believable..."

"...great to hear about other treatment options for a specific population of clients"

Community Events & Classes

Collaborations with our community partners enhances our capacity to educate, engage and empower our neighbors, friends and citizens to transform their lives.

7Seeds Yoga's holistic, compassionate and safe approach can be integrated within a broad range of settings including:

7Seeds Yoga brings unique programming to: